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Long Wang group named " 2011 year China electronic product users most satisfied with the brand" the award
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Long Wang Group Limited company announced recently, by the China Electronics News in 2011, sponsored by the Communication University of China ( second ) China electronic product user satisfaction survey and the annual electronic product users most satisfied with the brand conference, long Wang Group won the "2011 China electronic product users most satisfied with the brand ( chip ) " award. In the award-winning manufacturer, long Wang Group is the only chip suppliers.

Long Wang Group Company Limited Asia Pacific Marketing Director Zhu Dongwei said: " the brand is the life of an enterprise, is the enterprise survival basis. This can users access to the most satisfied with the brand award, means that our products by the market and customer recognition. In many of our products, we are very concerned about the digital television is one of the key fields, our products can be applied to digital TV in different fields of application, including satellite, terrestrial, cable and mobile digital television. Next, we will face the market further development of cost-effective, multi-functional chip products, helping manufacturers cost saving, speed up market, eventually creating more value for customers. "

Long Wang Group is committed to providing customers with a complete digital TV solutions. At present, long Wang Group Digital TV solutions are widely used in cable, terrestrial, satellite and radio and television networks in areas such as security monitoring, products covered demodulator chip, a video decoding chip, encoding and transcoding chip. Whether in the SD or HD set-top box, PVR/DVR, coding / transcoder, PND handheld equipment and security surveillance camera equipment, long Wang Group have to specialize in.


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