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ON Semiconductor has introduced the low-power control IC autofocus camera module used in smart phones
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October 22, 2012 - applied the premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronic products, ON Semiconductor (ON Semiconductor, United States Nasdaq: ONNN) Release AF camera modules used in smart phones (AF) control integrated circuit (IC) - LC898212XA-MH. This innovative program is highly integrated, programmable, providing fast, accurate autofocus aggregation, lower power consumption than competing solutions, generated less noise. This space-saving design has been optimized for thinner and lighter smartphones.

Watanabe, Sanyo Semiconductor Products Division general manager Chi said: "enhance the smartphone camera features strong demand in growing, in particular, require fast, accurate and saving energy, auto-focus function. Applications for smartphones the special needs of the development of this high level of integration, compact and energy-efficient autofocus program provides an effective single-chip solution to the technical challenges faced by many of our industry-leading wireless communications customers. "

Features and Benefits
LC898212XA-MH with a closed-loop control system digital logic and positioning sensors. The closed-loop architecture is used to provide a more accurate auto-focus control, than the open-loop programs to reduce energy consumption. The positioning function of the sensor is the use of constant current digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and an adjustable gain op-amp to ensure accurate sensing. The positioning sensor output using an integrated 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to read. Further, the control circuit of the filter coefficients can be adjusted via the I2C interface, can be programmed so that LC898212XA-MH, and thereby provide optimal aggregation when used in conjunction with a variety of different actuator. This innovative new device also incorporates the drive system of the optimization of the pulse width modulation (PWM), to further reduce energy consumption, and may affect the image quality of the noise minimized.

Package and price LC898212XA-MH uses lead-free, halogen-free WL-CSP 12-pin package, has been put into production.


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