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Talent Strategy People-oriented, talent is the core competitiveness of the enterprise!

CHANGWANG enterprise since 1992 starts an undertaking until now has developed into a leading Asian Hongkong and semiconductor makers of passive components, one of the famous Asian contractor, electronic components pathways fast development, the enterprise were talent is a great element of success.

CHANGWANG adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept, adhering to the "appoint people by abilities, ShiCai applicable" principle, and with humanized management mode for staff to create a positive and harmonious working environment, fully aroused people's subjective initiative and creativity. Pay attention to employee's growth and development, and is committed to provide employees sustainable development opportunities and space.

CHANGWANG talent, and having both ability and political integrity, ShiCai applicable!

CHANGWANG people in good faith for the person of our way of business. The employment in the talent, and their ability to pay attention to pay more attention to people's moral character and literacy; From the training of personnel to post arrangement, the principle of ShiCai applicable in full consideration of the professional skills and employees comprehensive ability and arrange to the appropriate work. Pay attention to team spirit and cohesion, extension this big family in music, in the enterprise management idea and enterprise culture unique under the edification, let every employee in the work gets taking exercise and learning, the study progress and improve yourself, let employees in work lives constantly "value-added", and to help employees' career planning, adapting to the new opportunities and challenges.


Today's CHANGWANG team, is has a combat effectiveness of the team, from manufacturing to marketing has has a good business, understand management, unceas of professional and technical personnel; Letuo team is a learning team, through training and employees of self-improvement, continuously improve the ability to work and business level; Letuo team is a highly cohesive team, with a grateful heart in harmonious family create everything, growth and development together with the company. Le Rio each success is condensing every employee's wisdom and sweat, also share a company and employee happiness of success.


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